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New Year greetings from the CEO

Dear Reader, we start the New Year optimistic after the relaxing year-end holiday season.

Again we take the daily tasks on our shoulders giving answers to the challenges of the economic environment, and we are pleased with the Herend Community’s successes in the recent years and the development of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory.

Our optimism and the solid foundations are provided by the financial results of the past year. It is a pleasure for us that the Herend Porcelain Manufactory continued to operate profitably in 2013. Despite the tightening business environment our turnover has exceeded the objectives of the business plan, and compared to last year, we could improve our ranking positions on the list of regional companies in categories turnover, profitability and number of workers.It was an honour to take over the Large Company of the Year Award.The Manufactory has had a stable economic and financial operation during 2013, we were able to finance our operation based on our own results without any external financial resources. We were able to initiate several future-oriented investments.

In terms of profitable operation, the number of export markets and employees, Herend is now the world’s largest porcelain manufactory. We are a manufactory and not a factory where we are still making porcelain with artisan technology, offering our customers and porcelain lovers elegance, pampering, private luxury, uniqueness, excellent quality, Hungaricum, and artistry of tradition and innovation embodied in porcelain. We believe that Herend Porcelain is no longer an ignorable value in today’s interior design. The first place means for us above all humbleness, service, social responsibility and setting good examples, while the first place only secondly means us pride.

The successful financial operation of last year enabled us to increase employee benefits and an implementation of wage increase over the Hungarian average. We paid significant attention to train our new experts: we are pleased that the number of apprentices has increased last year.

The stable operation enabled us to fulfil the Herend Porcelain Manufactory’s cultural mission as well.As we often declare, we at the Herend Community are committed to preserve Hungarian and European values, in particular porcelain art values, and bequeath them to younger generations. Last year we had several exhibitions, we organized four temporary exhibitions at the Herend Porcelain Museum besides its permanent exhibition, and we organized eight separate Herend exhibitions at venues outside the Manufactory.

Last year we gave three public artworks to municipal communities and we concluded strategic partnership agreements with academic, cultural and artistic institutions. As we informed visitors on our website, we were cooperating partners of numerous cultural, sport, culinary, artistic and social events in Hungary and abroad.

The results of last year confirmed us in our faith that handicrafts can find a way to the next generations in the 21st Century as well. We believe that the centuries-old traditions of Herend Porcelain can be harmonized with today’s modern expectations.

As for the objectives of this year, in accordance with the company’s long-term strategy, we continue to base our work on three conceptual pillars using them as canons: successful operation as business company, social responsibility and solidarity. We aim to keep operating profitably keeping our sales volume and market share and staying at the top among porcelain manufactories.

We continue to make our future-oriented investments; we aim to continue the product development work based on the balance of tradition and innovation as well as to further improve the customer service and all other services provided by us. We are convinced there is always a higher quality status that we must strive for! 

We continue our cultural and social engagement as well: those who are interested in porcelain will meet numerous art exhibitions of Herend. We profess in the spirit of solidarity that the strong and greater must help the weak and helpless. This thought of Saint Martin we define at the Manufactory as the thought of business community – social community. There are different levels of solidarity: we must have solidarity towards the world, the country where we live and work as well as the local community.

We keep on believing in the ancient technology and beauty of artisan porcelain making, while we believe to be able to stay at the top and we believe to be able to do this unbroken with faith in 2014 as well!

I would like to thank all of our customers, trade and other cooperating partners, suppliers and service providers for helping our work with their expertise and trusting us; we will continue to offer them our partnership, help and respect!

Finally, I would like to wish you in the name of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory’s creative community all the best, strength, health, happiness and successes for 2014!

Respectful greetings from Herend in January 2014,

Dr Attila Simon


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