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Ágota Tusnovits Szilágyi

Ágota Tusnovits Szilágyi was born on 19th October 1963 in Zirc.

After leaving school, she went to Herend and graduated as a painter in 1981. She entered the Creative Youth competition. Her talent earned her the recognition of “Young Skilled Worker of Excellence”.

She is currently working in the Chinese studio of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory, where she has had the opportunity to work on special pieces.

She is especially proud to admit that, counting her traineeship years as well, she has now “belonged” to the Manufactory for thirty years.

Collecting stamps is one of her hobbies. She also likes to spend time doing embroidery and drawing for her own pleasure.

She lives in Felsőörs with her husband and son.

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