Herend Porcelain

Art objects from Ostrava in Herend

The Herend Porcelain Museum opened a special international exhibition on the day of the Night of Museums. Last year, Herend Porcelains made their debut within the framework of the cultural mission of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory in the city of Ostrava. Thanks to the partner cooperation achieved, from June 23 onward, the Czech city will be introduced in Herend.

Ostrava’s first museum was founded by Ostravan teacher Karel Jaromir Bukovanský in 1872, an art collector who was deeply involved in public education. The German Museum of Industry and Commerce (Industrie und Gewerbe Museum) and the Czech Museum of Industry were founded in 1904.

These three Ostravan museums merged in 1918. The ceremonial opening of the new museum took place on October 4, 1931; it was placed in the second oldest building of the city, the former City Hall on Masaryk square and is still operating here to this day. The Museum in Ostrava and its collection have been the property of the city of Ostrava since August 8, 1993. The museum possesses approximately 300,000 valuable exhibition pieces, with two major collections open to the public. The seasonal exhibitions with varying topics are held in separate exhibition halls. For instance, in 2017, it was the Herend Manufactory that presented its porcelain masterpieces to visitors.

Now the Herend Porcelain Museum hosts the Ostrava Museum, where visitors will have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the cherished possessions of the Czech city.

At the ceremonial opening gala, Dr. Attila Simon, CEO of Herend Porcelain Manufactory and Rndr. Jirina Kábrtová, the Director of the Ostrava Museum also discussed the excellent partner cooperation between them. The prestige and significance of the exhibition is signified by the fact that the patron of the exhibition and simultaneously the person openin the exhibition was His Excellency Juraj Chmiel, the Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Budapest. 

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