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Attila Müller

Attila Müller was born in 1960 in Nagykanizsa.

After leaving school, he enrolled in the Vocational Art School of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory and graduated as a skilled worker in 1978. He is particularly proud of having been one of the youngest porcelain painters to participate in the Manufactory’s 2nd Masters’ Course, which he completed with flying colours. He has designed and painted over 60 décors to date. His themes range from fruit compositions to other SP décors.

At one stage he was on the Supervisory Board of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory, and went on to become chief shop floor supervisor as well as head of the professional activity of the special works studio.

He has been the Manufactory’s chief painter since 2004 and has held painting courses in Japan and in Herend’s own Porcelanium. He has also represented the Manufactory at shows abroad. His expertise has won him several awards. He won the 1st prize of the 1988 competition for the best palette-painted fruit décor design; in 1999 he won the IO foundation prize and in 2000 the prize for product development.

His hobby is painting oil canvases with themes embracing bird life, fruit and flower still lifes.

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