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Ball of the Balls in Balatonfüred

The 23-year-old Réka Purgel from Kisvárda was chosen as the Belle of the 194th Anna Ball, and received a Herend vase with Royal Garden pattern.

Herend Porcelain Manufactory Ltd. has been a long-time supporter of the Balatonfüred Anna Ball, Hungary’s most famous and traditional ball.

This year's chief patron was Miklós Kásler, Minister of Human Resources, and patrons were Dr. Attila Simon, CEO of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory Ltd., Szilveszter Ókovács, Director General of the Hungarian State Opera House, and István Bóka, Mayor of Balatonfüred.

At the Anna Grand Hotel, instead of the traditional opening dance Palotás, the ballet group of Hungarian State Opera House surprised the audience with Imre Kálmán’s Ördöglovas accompanied by the Mendelssohn Chamber Orchestra. Among the guests were Secretary of State Károly Kontrát, Indian Ambassador Kumar Tuhin, Deputy Chief of National Police for Crime Sándor Töreki, Balatonfüred Police Chief László Regdon, actors Alexandra Borbély and Ervin Nagy, swimming world champion Kristóf Rasovszky, sailing world champions Zsombor Berecz and Farkas Litkey, and pianists Tamás Érdi and János Balázs.

700 guests were expected this year, and it was a novelty that the Gyógy Place was opened with additional tables. Guests were served the ball menu on Herend porcelain set consisting of 3500 pieces painted with Apponyi pattern. Specialty of the menu was that the world’s most famous beef tenderloin was served, brought directly from America.

The Ernő Kiss Prize was presented again this year. The former Lieutenant-General’s Herend porcelain statue is awarded each year to a person who has enriched the cultural and intellectual life of Balatonfüred with his work and profession. This year’s prize was given to film director Csaba Káel, CEO of the Palace of Arts Budapest, by István Bóka, Mayor of Balatonfüred and Dr. Attila Simon, CEO of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory.

The blood red Herend porcelain hearts evoking the setting sun at Lake Balaton were hung in the ladies’ neck in the garden of the Vaszary Villa.

One of the most anticipated events was the selection of the belles of the ball. The 23-year-old Réka Purgel from Kisvárda was chosen as the Belle of the 194th Anna Ball. The 1st runner-up became the 19-year-old Dalma Krulik from Budapest, and the 2nd runner-up the 16-year-old Ágnes Császár from Komárom. Previously, the Belle of the Ball even wrote a thesis about the ball.

The Belle of the Ball received a precious Herend vase decorated with Royal Garden pattern and a golden apple while the runners-up’s Herend vases are decorated with Foret and turquoise-platinum Apponyi pattern, respectively. The prizes proclaim Herend’s innovation as the vase of the Belle of the Ball depicts the modern interpretation of the famous Victoria pattern, which was presented to Prince William’s wedding as Hungary’s official wedding gift. The Foret pattern is today’s innovative variant of the well-known Rothschild pattern, while the turquoise-platinum Apponyi pattern has been the most successful décor of product development in recent years based on sales.

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