Herend Porcelain

Brilliant pieces in Vienna

Close to 200 Herend Porcelain items are on display in the imposing building of the Hungarian Embassy in Vienna, valued at approximately 70 million. Exceptional, brilliant items and rarely seen masterpieces were also presented; these included the perfect porcelain copy of the Hungarian Holy Crown, a copy of the ornamental pool that was made for Franz Joseph by none other than Mór Fischer, as well as the legendary Maria Therese decorative bowl.

At the grand opening, where nearly every member of the diplomatic corps in Vienna was represented, the CEO of Herend Porcelain Manufactory Dr. Attila Simon and Dr. János Perényi, the Ambassador of Hungary in Vienna greeted the attendees. The prestigious event was further heightened by the musical fashion show with the participation of performers Sándor Sasvári and Mónika Sáfár. The fashion show staged the works of fashion designer János Héjja.

The uniqueness of the exhibition was the joint presentation of these brilliant pieces. Never and nowhere have these unique masterpieces been presented before outside of Herend in such representative numbers!

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