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Exclusive foretaste

Herend Novelty on our website before the official debut!

Exclusive opportunity for visitors to our website! Herend novelties have been introduced at the Frankfurt Ambiente in every February for many years. Until then, our highlighted pieces and innovative products are not displayed to the general public. Now we make an exception and reveal one of our novelties.


The wise elephant

The Asian elephant is the second largest land animal on Earth and the mammal with the highest life expectancy. In all Asia, elephant is the symbol of success, strength, wisdom, independence, power, fertility, piousness, serenity and longevity. In former times, elephants could only be kept by kings therefore they are the symbol of royal power as well. At festive parades, elephant was the symbolic riding animal of the rulers, and in warfare it functioned as a moving fortress thus in chess the rook often appears in the shape of an elephant. It is no accident that Herend masters were also inspired by it and with special design it is one of Herend’s 2019 novelties appearing in the Reserve Collection. It was designed with a very special painting, since the platinum scales adapted to today’s taste are completed with scales imitating vibrant-colored flowers on the back, legs and trunk of the elephant. The trunk is looking upwards as it brings luck only this way!

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