Herend Porcelain


Exclusive Herend Trophy for the winners of the Grand Sumo Tournaments

Herend's Trophy has been awarded to the champions of Japan’s national sport, the sumo’s tournaments for more than three decades. Now the exclusive trophy appears in a renewed, special design.

The previous Herend Trophy was used from 1986 and was awarded 199 times in all, six times a year at the Sumo Grand Tournament. It was considered a great privilege to be awarded by that exceptional piece of art.

Now the former trophy is transported to the Sumo Museum in Tokyo as this year it is replaced by a special and surprising Herend artwork, a giant bravura teacup. The huge cup and saucer are decorated with the classic VICTORIA pattern and are the largest cup and saucer ever made weighing 15 kilograms. It is a highly technical and innovative piece that was designed on the occasion of three jubilees.  First, the inception of the new Japanese imperial era. Second, Hungary and Japan celebrate 150 years of diplomatic relations and third, to mark the 200-year anniversary of Queen Victoria's birth. Thus, no other pattern could have been more adequate to ornament this monumental Herend artwork than the ageless Victoria pattern. Among the numerous prizes the Sumo Champion is awarded, the Herend Trophy stands out with its uniqueness. It was presented to the representative of the Sumo Association by Dr Norbert Palanovics, Ambassador of Hungary, to let the legend go on and let the champions possess the Herend trophy for a long time.

The official release of the new Herend trophy took place on 26th May 2019, at the final of Tokyo Sumo Championship, the first tournament of the Reiwa era.

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