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Greetings from the CEO

Dear Reader,

There is a beautiful Herend work of art depicting a scene when Zeus, in form of a bull, abducts the Phoenician king Agenor’s daughter, Europa. According to many legends, Zeus created the constellation Taurus in memory of this story.

Every time I look at this Herend figurine, beyond the beauty of the work of art and its underlying mythology, the galloping time comes to my mind. We know that time forms, ennobles and polishes people, and enriches one’s hearts, thoughts and lives. We are aware of the fact that time not only carries the past, but the future as well!

We just experienced the millennium’s unpredictable infinity that cannot be measured in one’s lifetime, and we have already started the year of 2019, which means the Herend Porcelain Manufactory’s 193rd year at the same time. As Europa was galloping on the back of Zeus, so does time with us from the past through the present into the future. What is today a day born from the dance of emotions and rationality, will transform by tomorrow into a “Big Yesterday” carrying facts and figures.

Over the past year, we looked for positivity and joy on every day, and made friends not for a day but for a lifetime. We payed attention to the Manufactory’s nearly 200 years old invariable values and to the corporate processes that needed to be changed. We have found the value-creating balance between tradition and innovation and therefore we preceded our competitors.

We had a successful year in 2018! Compared to the previous year, our sales revenue and profit increased. We could pay dividend to our shareholders exceeding significantly the bank deposit rates. We could achieve our results from our own strength, so as Sándor Sík’s poem says, we are pleased that we always had two pennies to give and we did not have to beg.

We opened the world’s largest Herend Brand Store in Budapest, called Herend Palais. Our Hungarian brand stores were visited by customers from 94 countries. We produced more than 400,000 porcelain pieces in the Manufactory, and used nearly 5000 paintbrushes to paint the 900 different Herend paint colours on the porcelain pieces. We put 30 kilograms of gold and platinum on the porcelain items. We spent more than one million working hours in the Manufactory, and performed a wage increase of near 52% in the last seven years. The number of visitors of the Porcelanium Visitor Centre and Porcelain Museum increased, last year we welcomed tourists from 42 countries. In the spirit of our value-creating, value-protecting and value-transferring cultural mission, we opened 6 art exhibitions in Hungary, and we organized Herend art exhibitions in Cyprus, Athens, Vienna, Palermo, Jasło, Madrid and Lendva (Lendava) contributing to the establishment of our country’s positive image as well.

At the beginning of the New Year, our positive results will give a steady foundation to the Manufactory’s further development and future. We have countless of ideas that we have enough knowledge, resources and motivation to implement. We believe in the traditions and future of artisan porcelain making, we believe in the Herend brand and the value-creating work, and we put our trust in the craftsmanship, creativity and innovativeness of the Manufactory. In Herend, value is created day after day: the art of hand-making and mysterious unique porcelain pieces.

As every year, I thank all of our customers, trading and other cooperating partners, suppliers and service providers for honouring us with their trust; thank you all for the lots of love that the Herend Community received again last year!

Dear Readers, on behalf of the co-leaders and the Herend Porcelain Manufactory’s whole creative community, I would like to wish you all the best, strength, health, happiness, optimism and success for 2019!

Respectful greetings from Herend in January 2019,

Dr Attila Simon

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