Herend Porcelain


Herend at an Ikebana Exhibition

Herend porcelain pieces were also selected for the Ikebana exhibition hosted in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences’ ceremonial hall.

Those who could see ikebana-artist Koka Fukushima’s demonstration in person had a very special experience. The eye-catching and soul-lifting ceremonial event took place in the building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the Hungarian-Japanese diplomatic relations.

The program was opened by the welcome speech of Her Excellency Mrs. Kuni Sato, Ambassador of Japan to Hungary, followed by the opportunity to observe the cream of the art of Japanese flower arrangement. Different types of creations were born during the demonstration, but all of them were perfectly composed and were shining throughout the evening. The size, color, flexibility and type of the plants were the most important factors to compose the overall picture, and they stayed in perfect balance all the time. Mrs. Koka Fukushima put great emphasis on expressing the Hungarian-Japanese relations through the compositions by using different methods, such as harmonizing the colors of flowers. Two Herend porcelain pieces were also selected and used by the artist at the beautiful exhibition: the ornamental vase “Budapest” made by porcelain designer Ákos Tamás and a special vase by porcelain designer Etelka Meixner.

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