Herend Porcelain


Herend at an international stamp exhibition

Herend chamber exhibition at the HUNFILA 2019 Budapest International Stamp Exhibition.

The HUNFILA 2019 Budapest International Stamp Exhibition was opened last Friday at the Stefánia Palace in Budapest. The wonderful exhibition could be visited until Sunday.

Nowadays, many people think that the world of stamp collecting is declining. However, the number of stamps used is decreasing only, the quality is not – said Defence Minister of Hungary, Tibor Benkő, who opened the exhibition. The stamp exhibition organized by the National Association of Hungarian Stamp Collectors (MABÉOSZ) featured exhibitors from 12 countries. At the opening ceremony, the award for the most beautiful stamp of 2018 was handed over. The winner was the special stamp “Castles in Hungary” created by graphic designer Eszter Domé and executed by ANY Security Printing Plc. The winner is also interesting because the graphic designer had also made stamps for the Herend Porcelain Manufactory, and they were presented at the event together with the Herend porcelain items on them. Thanks to philatelist Ferenc Köller, a retired colleague of Herend, the Herend Porcelain Manufactory could collect all Herend-related stamps to present them with the appropriate Herend items at a chamber exhibition during the prestigious event.

The combination of Herend porcelain items and the related stamps resulted in an exciting, cosy and crowd-favourite exhibition, at the opening ceremony of which Dr. Attila Simon, CEO of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory Ltd., also appeared.

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