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Herend porcelain can be protected by an EU geographical indication

Herend porcelain can be protected by an EU geographical indication under a new proposal for a regulation published by the European Commission.

Until now, it has not been possible to apply for EU geographical indication protection for globally recognized craft products, so manufacturers cannot prove the link between the quality and origin of their products at EU level, the Hungarian National Office for Intellectual Property said.

Building on the success of the system of geographical indications for wines, spirits and agricultural products, the European Commission has published a proposal for a regulation to protect geographical indications for crafts and industrial products.

The proposal would allow producers of crafts and industrial products related to their region and traditional know-how to be granted European geographical indication protection.

The European Union does not want to lag behind in the competition for intellectual property protection that China and the United States are at the forefront of. More and more measures are being taken in Brussels to help enterprises in EU Member States protect their own brands. Another step could be the introduction of EU geographical indications.

Adopting the proposal will make it easier for consumers to identify quality goods and make more informed purchasing decisions. It is also a step forward in employment, as geographical indications protection makes regions attractive, helps to preserve expertise and jobs, and thus contributes to the economic development of these regions.

The regulation also seeks to ensure that traditional crafts and industrial goods are on an equal footing with existing protected geographical indications for agricultural products.

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