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Herend Prize on National Gallop

Spacious and awe-inspiring Heroes’ Square, transformed into a racetrack on a beautiful sunny day to held the grandest National Gallop. This show reinvent the Hungarian horse traditions and history making it very popular among people. 

The chariot race is a truly breath-taking experience, which required the competitors to undergo an exhausting preparation and training. You can see the finest representatives of this special sport on the tracks who not only represent themselves but their cities too.

The racetrack is very innovative including the latest technology like in Formula 1, built only in 12 hours, while the outlook and atmosphere recall a Roman Arena at the most cultic part of Budapest.

The winner Ferenc Kun according to the traditions has received a Herend Trophy, which is an iconic masterpiece made by Zsigmond Kisfaludy Stróbl.  

 During the three days of 2016 National Gallop  - despite Saturday's rain -  more than 120 000 people were interested to visit the shows.

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