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Herend supports national charity auction

The Herend Porcelain Manufactory is not only the world’s largest porcelain manufactory but also a socially responsible community that is sensitive to the world.

It’s no coincidence that it’s a family-friendly workplace, and at the same time a committed supporter of the national charity auction “It’s Good to Be Good” every year from the beginning. It offered a really special work of art for charity this year as well. The phoenix bird released for bidding, one of the novelties this year, has been made in one original, no more pieces will be made in this design. It is a unique piece therefore its value cannot be expressed in material terms. The phoenix, reborn from time to time, only exists in legends, but still carries a current message. With the help of the fire within us, that is, our inner energy, our optimism, our positive willpower, and our ability to adapt, we can overcome the difficulties that the world puts in our way. When we look at the phoenix figurine, it can remind us that like the phoenix is ​​reborn from time to time, humanity can overcome all difficulties.

Those who bid for this Herend work of art will not only support a noble purpose, but can also acquire a truly unique masterpiece.

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