Herend Porcelain


Live from Frankfurt

The Herend Porcelain Manufactory is looking very much forward to appear at the Frankfurt Ambiente Trade Fair this year with the debut of a new Herend Stand.

The size of the fair is illustrated by the fact that there are 10 exhibition buildings in the area of the fair (buses transport the visitors between the buildings), several floors per building and thousands of square meters of exhibition space per floor. Whoever counts in the luxury industry is present at the Frankfurt Ambiente! For the Herend Porcelain Manufactory Ltd., producing handmade luxury porcelain and exporting its products to nearly 60 countries, Frankfurt has been the most important place of presentation of porcelain novelties for almost thirty years. From February 7 to 11, 2020, the Manufactory appears at the new stand, which is innovative, trendy and elegant, proclaiming that Herend is today the world leader in artisan porcelain making.

This year, 29 new decorations, 43 new products and 8 new large-scale bravura products will be unveiled at the fair! Visitors to our website will be among the first to see the new stand and our novelties on the opening day.

In addition to the large-sized dragon turtle figure, chosen in the top three in the competition Tableware International Awards of Excellence 2020, it is important to highlight a giant vase of more than two meters in height, depicting falcons painted with incredible skill. Moreover, the carnival figure with new pattern, specially designed animal figurines, and cups, saucers and porcelain tableaus created by our master painters and made in one original also enrich the palette of our novelties. Another highlight is a really exceptional reptile, the world’s largest herbivorous lizard, as a figure in various designs and on a wall-plate in authentic environment. Those interested in tableware novelties, will be delighted by cozy breakfast sets and new color variants of the very successful Art Deco!

In addition to live pictures of the stand and our novelties from Frankfurt, the new catalog with detailed information and new leaflets are available on our website!

We hope you enjoy looking at this year’s Herend innovations!

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