Herend Porcelain


New Herend creation on a public space in Veszprém

The Herend Porcelain Manufactory, with its cultural mission in mind, places a new constitution in one of the roundabouts in the city centre of Veszprém this summer. 

The creation is a Herend porcelain tree painted with Victoria pattern. The constitution, recalling a tree, is developed into a stirring and dynamic object by its boughs and carved surface. The affluent surface configuration well represents the knowledge and Herend’s expertise of profession. The object is approximately three and a half meters tall and was designed by Etelka Meixner, artist designer. The Herend porcelain tree bears a special lighting inside.

Veszprém is called the town of queen’s - Herend porcelain is the china of kings! – so now through this unique Herend piece of art, Veszprém and the royal houses are giving a date to each other.

The Herend porcelain tree will be decorated with the Victoria pattern, with the most famous pattern of the Manufactory. This decor is related to Queen Victoria who was born 200 years ago and the decor that was ordered by her is one of the oldest and most famous decor of ours.

The Far Eastern style pattern is a composition of almost hundred different butterflies and blooming twigs painted in bright colours. The surface of the snow-white shining porcelain tree is covered with colourful butterflies, flowers and twigs.

The history of both the British royal family and the Herend Manufactory is accompanied by this legendary pattern, so it was out of question that the dream of our masterpainters was to have this decor on the new public art of Veszprém.

With installing this art piece the Herend Porcelain Manufactory is following not only the mission appointed by Mór Fischer since the 19th century, but would like to correspond to its own values, contributing the improvement of public places and human environment and of their quality standards also. Our intention is to hand down more than our ancestors have!

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