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The latest temporary exhibition of the Herend Porcelain Museum is about passions, in which Herend porcelain items and the stamps depicting them date each other.

At the opening ceremony, Dr. Attila Simon, CEO of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory, said in his welcoming speech: in addition to the fact that stamp collecting is a simple and accessible activity, stamps are also beautiful and some of them are like a miniature work of art. They also carry a lot of information. The stamp of a country reflects the culture and history of that nation, by which we can become acquainted with the different peoples of the world better. He recalled how many times and when Herend porcelain was depicted on stamps: in Hungary for the first time in 1972 when the most famous Herend products appeared on a series of 8 denominations; in 1976, on the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Manufactory, Zsigmond Kisfaludi Strobl’s sculpture Hussar examining his sword was issued by the Hungarian Post on stamp; in 2003, the four-piece series Porcelain Art was published; a few years ago, a stamp depicting Herend porcelain was made in honour of Hungarian-Japanese diplomatic relations, and the invitation card to the current exhibition was sent to guests with a unique stamp.

László Leitold, Vice President of the National Federation of Hungarian Philatelists, said that stamp making and porcelain designing are different arts but they have common features. The stamps made about Herend porcelain absolutely combine the two branches of art, and so came the idea to organize the current exhibition.

In his opening speech, Dr. Tibor Navracsics stated that this is an occasion where two very committed communities meet and celebrate themselves and each other to send a message to two other very important communities: the family and the world. He emphasized that the Herend Porcelain Manufactory is one of the most committed communities in Hungary, which, in addition to passing on this standard for centuries, has also passed on the Manufactory itself, and for the past 30 years it has been able to remain its own master, which is a huge feat.

The government commissioner of the event Veszprém-Balaton 2023 also said that he is connected to Herend through his maternal grandfather and to the community of stamp collectors through his childhood experiences in a stamp collecting circle. He said that stamp collecting can be a hobby that connects not only families but generations, as can Herend porcelain, which is also a symbol of families.

He emphasized that both the Herend porcelain products and the Hungarian stamps have been travelling around the world advertising themselves and our country. He expressed the hope that by 2023, as preparing for the European Capital of Culture program series, there would be a number of contact points where communities could meet and form alliances, which remain later.

Featured artist of the opening ceremony was Judit Faludi, Franz Liszt Prize-winning cellist and Merited Artist. The stamp exhibition can be seen until December 18 at the Herend Porcelain Museum.

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