Herend Porcelain


Sacred Exhibition at the Porcelain Museum

Exhibition titled Dowry - Tradition was organized by the Diocese Museum of Székesfehérvár, in Herend. On the beautiful exposure the treasures of the historical coronation town and diocese can be seen along with the sacred memories of the Herend Porcelain Museum.

In 2013, a large-scale exhibition of the Herend Porcelain Art Museum took place in Székesfehérvár, on the occasion of the St. Stephen Memorial Year. After that the audience had the opportunity to admire the artworks of two Herend artists, Etelka Meixner and Ákos Tamás in the St. Stephens community centre in 2015 and in 2017. This year, Székesfehérvár will introduce itself to the community of Herend, on the common exhibition of the Diocesan Museum of Székesfehérvár and the Herend Porcelain Museum.

Bishop Antal Spányi gave a speech on the opening ceremony of the Exhibition titled Dowry - Tradition. He emphasized that “I had the possibility several times to see that the Herend Porcelain Manufactory during the direction of chief executive Mr. Attila Simon has undertaken on preserving our Christian and Hungarian cultural heritage.” He also said that many of the diocesan-owned artefacts have just found their porcelain pair for the first time.

Mr András Smohay director of the Diocesan Museum of Székesfehérvár took the audience behind the scenes of the organization of this exhibition.

Dr. Attila Simon, CEO of Herend Porcelain Manufactory Ltd. has also spoke to the guests: “If we had to give a motto to our exhibition, I would say that with this exhibition, the Herend Porcelain Manufactory honors the thousand-year-old Hungary, our historical saints and our historical church. I think the inner silence is indispensable for the viewing and reception of this exhibition and I wish you to hear in this silence St. Stephen's laws, the remonstrances of our great kings and the centuries-old traditions of the Herend porcelain masterpieces. "

The exhibition was opened by the pastoral bishop Tamás Ugrits’s festive thoughts: “We are influenced by the memories and customs that we start with. The family tradition rooted in national tradition determines how we live in happiness and in difficulties. The national tradition can disappear without passing down family heritage as a dowry. Dowry later creates a tradition.

This is why the religious-themed Herend porcelain inherited from generations to generations can testify the history the faith of a Christian family.”

The exhibition is open until the end of July.

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