Herend Porcelain


Theatre history exhibition in Herend

An unusual, exciting theatre history exhibition was ceremonially opened at the Herend Porcelain Museum.

The Herend Porcelain Manufactory Ltd. and the Hungarian National Theatre History Museum and Institute (the latter as a member of the Petőfi Literary Museum) have been engaged in an exemplary cooperation for several years, and this had a new chapter this time at the Herend Porcelain Museum.

Visitors are awaited by an interesting and rarely-seen collection titled “Actors – from Head to Toe”. The exhibition does not focus on famous theatrical performances or personal career portraits. Today’s museum and theatre audience may barely recognize anyone in the photos. However, the exhibition is not uninteresting, and there are many ways to look at it. It evokes the memories of great theatrical moments and artists, presenting lifestyle, object culture and fashion while giving a glimpse into the photo gallery, the Fine Art Collection, the Memorial Library and the treasures of the Scenic Collection of the National Museum of Theatre History.

In addition to photographs of legendary actors, the exhibition also showcases their personal objects and real relics.

At the opening ceremony, Dr. Attila Simon, CEO of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory Ltd., welcomed the guests, speaking about the legendary actress Mrs. Róza Széppataki Déry and her relation to Herend. Dr. Piroska Ács, Head Curator of the Museum of Theatre History, talked about the cooperation between the two institutions emphasizing that most of the objects can be rarely seen by the general public. In his opening speech, theatre historian Tamás Gajdó recalled the vanished age, the life of actors at that time with interesting and peculiar anecdotes. The opening ceremony was featured by prose and vocal performances of actress Adelaida Halas.

The well-planned special exhibition awaits visitors in Herend until November 30.

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