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This time the Herend Trophy went to Porva

Thanks to the ingenious finish of Alen Ördög, the Grand Prize of the 13th National Gallop went to Porva, a small village in Bakony Hills.

The words of Tibor Székely, chief captain of the National Gallop, and cannon shot opened the final of the 13th National Gallop in Budapest, in which the riders of Hajós, Baja, Kézdialmás, Temerin and Porva lined up.

In the last two years, the Gallop ended with the victory of Arnold Nagy, but to great surprise it was not him to make it to the final with the best time this year, as Bence Földes from Hajós was the fastest in the qualifying race.

Based on the qualifying, many bet on dethronement, and during the nearly 1,600-meter finale, it seemed Földes could stop Arnold Nagy’s great series, and the horseman from Hajós could lift the winner’s Grand Prize, the Hussar examining his sword figurine made of Herend porcelain.

However, Alen Ördög, the representative of Porva, a small village in Bakony Hills, shattered Bence Földes’ dreams with an ingenious finish, overtaking his rival from the inside in the last half round, while Nagy, who was preparing to triple, had to be content with third place this time.

Alen Ördög ran the fastest race of all time, reaching a new track record with a time of 102.04.

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