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Herend Greets the Royal Baby in Royal Manner

Herend presented a new specialty in the redesigned Victoria pattern. London’s Great Exhibition of 1851 at Crystal Palace was the occasion when Queen Victoria first saw and ordered Herend Porcelain. Since then, this butterfly and floral Queen Victoria pattern has become one of Herend’s hallmark designs and several generations of the Royal Family have enjoyed Herend Porcelains painted in this pattern.

To commemorate the joyful birth of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, Herend salutes the Royal Couple with a tea service with crown knob for two persons in Royal Garden – a new interpretation of Victoria – pattern. This tea service is at the same time Hungary’s official gift to the Royal Couple. In 2011, they received a dinner service in Royal Garden pattern for their wedding. In 2013, at birth of Prince George of Cambridge, Herend designed a new variant of Petite Victoria (PV) pattern.

Herend represents the balance of tradition and innovation handing down the secrets of 19th century masters to the 21st century.

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