Herend Porcelain

In the capital of dance

Szombathely has welcomed the best of the world for the fifty third time at the Savaria International Dance Festival on Saturday.

Szombathely is the capital of dance. Dance is elegance, sport, and a form of human expression that has been around since ancient times, said Mayor Dr. Tivadar Puskás in his address during the opening gala of the semifinals. In the afternoon, there were three competitive events for the audience: In addition to the Ten Dance World Championship and the wheelchair competition, the senior age group showed their talent in Standard dances. The younger age group did not have an easy time: the quarterfinals had begun as early as 1.00 p.m., with the results of the finals announced around midnight. Consequently, only a very brief break was available to switch between the Latin and Standard dances.

During the intervals, teams from Szombathely were able to present their fantastic choreographies and that truly diverse opportunities are available in the city to those who want to pursue dancing.

The performers, among others, were the Energy Dance Team, the Galaxy Acrobatic Rock and Roll Club, and the youth team of Savaria TSE.

The quality and seriousness of the competition were not impaired by the inciting musical selection: Viennese Waltz is still an elegant choice for “Meseautó” (The Dream Car) and Liza Minnelli’s Cabaret matched up well with the playful leaps of quickstep. There were well known evergreen hits, naturally adapted to the desired rhythms.

Couples from twenty-five countries arrived to the Ten Dance World Championship. The Hungarian team’s participation is worth mentioning. The audience often called out the names and number of Boglárka Farkas and János Bertalan Hegyes; they had a huge fan base present and the reaction they received was entirely well deserved: They got to the semifinals, showing beautiful harmony.

Duos from Croatia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia and the United States reached the final round. Their solo dance was Rhumba and Paso Doble in the Latin round. The Polish duo finished in third place, the American duo in second, while the first place went to the Russian duo of Semen Khrzhanovsky and Elizaveta Lykhina. The Hungarians also distinguished themselves in the Senior III category: József Kránicz and Erika Dobó finished in second place.

At the Award Ceremony, the Chief Executive Officer of the Herendi Porcelánmanufaktúra Zrt, Dr. Attila Simon handed over the HEREND PORCELAINS to the first three couples.

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