Herend Porcelain


In the Land of Unicorns in Noszvaj

The Herend porcelain exhibition “In the Land of Unicorns” opened in the De la Motte Castle of Noszvaj on Friday, July 24.

The opening ceremony of the special Herend exhibition was honoured by the presence of the Ambassador of Japan to Hungary, Mrs. Sato Kuni.

Guests were greeted by Krisztina Sárvári, Director of the Castle, Márta Majnár Hegedűs, Vice Mayor of Noszvaj and Dr. Attila Simon, CEO of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory Ltd. The exhibition was opened by actor Lóránt Nagy. The exhibition awaits visitors in Noszvaj until the end of the year.

“Herend. A single short word that has been identical to Hungarian handcrafted porcelain making for almost two centuries. This short word is known not only in Hungary, but in every corner of the world. Herend porcelain can be found in the Royal Castle of England, in the homes of American citizens, in the palace of the Emperor of Japan, it is owned by Formula 1 race winners, the Sultan of Brunei, Hollywood actors, my grandmother and me, too. It is a Hungaricum, part of our country image, and the pride of all Hungarians. A tradition of nearly two centuries. Craft masterpieces. Today, Herend is the largest porcelain manufactory in the world based on all parameters.

A dreamlike castle protected by unicorns. Did you know? There are countless legends associated with unicorns. The most notable of these is the antitoxic power of a single long horn protruding from the centre of the forehead of this wonderful creature. Legend has it that the evil snake, which seeks to destroy it, releases venom into the water of the lake from which the unicorn drinks, but the clever unicorn, before drinking, plunges its movable, magical horn into the water, detoxifying even the most tainted, poisonous water and making it crystal clear. So it is easy to understand that so many treasure hunters set out to search for the mysterious animal, hoping for high rewards or income, but in vain because the unicorn remained invisible.

Except here in Noszvaj, the Land of Unicorns. You can of course find unicorns from the amazing product range of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory as well. After all, Herend’s product range of 64 million items includes almost all forms and patterns.

Magic, mysticism, secret, and legend are the links between this beautiful castle, the unicorns and the handcrafted porcelain items. Imagine being able to learn an ancient secret.

Look around these walls. They could tell. They have lived through wars, kept the footsteps of celebrities and monarchs, and they are full of life, beauty, and stories. And look at the Herend porcelain items in the showcases. They include two centuries of knowledge, the order of Europe’s grandmother, the homage of our famous statesman, and the personality of Sissi. They are not fragile illusions… but timeless and eternal, just as the secrets of the unicorns.”

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