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József Meződi

József Meződi was born on 13th October 1969 in Várpalota.

After leaving school, he enrolled in the Mór Fischer Vocational School for Porcelainmaking in Herend, from where he graduated as a skilled thrower in 1987. Since then he has been one of the excellent workers of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory. Due to his professional expertise and commitment to work he has been active in different fields: first as a porcelain maker, then as a project manager and currently, since November 2005, as a foreman.


He is the proud maker of several outstanding pieces, the best known of which are his ornamental pierced baskets, the Maria Theresa pierced platter and the Wales cups and jugs.

He loves sports and is particularly keen on ball games. He spends much of his leisure time on outings and fishing with his family and friends.

He lives in Herend with his wife and son.

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