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László Tartó

He was born on 15th July 1979 in Tapolca.

He graduated as a porcelain-painter from the Fischer Mór Porcelain-making Trade School in Herend in 1996. Since completing his traineeship he has been working at the flower-painting department of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory, where he paints several décors done with palette-painting.


He has represented the Manufactory on several occasions at different demo sessions and high-ranking events; for three years he worked as a painter giving live demonstrations at Porcelanium, the Manufactory’s visitors’ centre.

He has also been commissioned to carry out extraordinary orders, such as painting a tea set made of sugar for the Olympics of Confectioners, which was the exact replica of a Herend Victoria-décor porcelain set, or life-size figures of lions for the Leoparade in Munich.

The Manufactory awarded him the Prize for Professionalism in recognition of his work.

He is currently studying English because, as he says, he is always happy to make the acquaintance of foreigners. He lives alone in Herend. He exercises regularly, plays tennis and squash and is particularly keen on cycling and paintball. He is interested in information technology, the Internet, games, graphics and visual effects.

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