Herend Porcelain

Balázs Fonyódi

Balázs Fonyódi was born on 23rd April 1969 in Veszprém.

After leaving school, in 1984 he enrolled in the Mór Fischer Vocational School for Porcelain-making in Herend to make the most of his flair for the arts. Since he graduated as a skilled worker he has worked as a thrower at the Herend Porcelain Manufactory.

In 2003 he did a course on quality control of production phase coordination, in which field he worked for the next two years. Nowadays he has returned to working as a thrower.

He is especially proud of having been on the first team that started the renewed production of the Maria Theresa platter. He was also happy with and very much committed to the task of making the vases which were handed over as the first three prizes at the Formula One Hungary Grand Prix.

He spends most of his free time with his family, but also loves to practise extreme sports. He does amateur mountain biking and dirt biking, and takes an interest in rallying as well as soccer.

He lives in Úrkút with his wife and daughter.

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