Herend Porcelain

Bernadett Oláh

Bernadett Oláh was born on 31st May 1963 in Budapest.

Her talents were discovered at a very young age and she was sent to study in Herend in 1977. She graduated with top marks as a porcelain thrower in 1980, and her xamination piece was declared the “most beautiful exam masterpiece”.


In the course of her work she has had the opportunity to try her hand at most fields of her craft so she is familiar with piercing, moulding, sticking and cleaning. Possibly on account of this she is currently working the Herend Porcelain Manufactory’s Visitors’ Centre.

Her commitment to her craft earned her the “Worker of Excellence” title in 1989.

When she was younger she went in for sports, playing soccer, doing bowling and even competing in table tennis. Nowadays she prefers to spend her free time doing crossword puzzles.

She lives in Alsóörs.

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