Herend Porcelain

Ferenc Köller

Ferenc Köller was born on 11th July 1954 in Adony.

He has been working in the Manufactory since graduating as a thrower from a vocational school in 1971. taking his school-leaving exams in 1975 and graduating from the Polytechnic of Building Materials Industry in 1981.

Prior to being promoted to foreman, he worked in several fields of green ware production where he learnt all the phases and technology of manufacturing green ware, acquiring the professional expertise and methods from the old masters and subsequently applying them in the course of his own work. He also tried his hand in various fields as production manager. He has been working as principal thrower since January 2005.

As well as working at the Manufactory, he is also keen to attend professional demo sessions both in Hungary and abroad, happily sharing his knowledge and experience with Herend customers. He has visited Japan, Great Britain and Austria on a number of occasions. The Manufactory has acknowledged the highs of his career with Awards for Quality and Professionalism.

In his leisure time he likes to paint, a field in which he constantly improves himself. His other hobby, collecting stamps of porcelain, ceramic or glass objects from all over the world, also stems from the love of his craft.

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