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Ferenc Rankl

Ferenc Rankl was born on 19th April 1958 in Ajka. The father of four lives in Herend with his partner and children.

In 1972 he gained admission to the Gyula Derkovics vocational art institute and graduated in 1975 as a qualified porcelain painter. When he started working in the same year in the “men painters’ section”, the young skilled worker was encouraged and helped by the old hands to further polish his craft. He took his school-leaving exam in 1978 in the Imre Bródy Vocational School.

In 1982 he won first prize at a porcelain and ceramics competition with a cobalt coffee set displaying different gilding techniques. In the same year he was transferred to the special orders section, where his professional training continued with the design and manufacture of unique pieces. In 1987 he passed his master’s exam with top grades.

Starting from 1985 he has represented the Manufactory at a number of demo painting sessions abroad. This way porcelain-lovers in Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Japan, Italy and Germany have had a chance to become familiar with the work and unique style of Ferenc Rankl.

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