Herend Porcelain

Ferenc Szabó

Ferenc Szabó was born on 27th April 1976 in Ajka.

His artistic talent guided him to Herend, where he graduated as a thrower in 1997. He won the “Mór Fischer Prize” for outstanding achievement, which he is extremely proud of. He has always felt that art and beauty are closely related to his own life, so he could not envisage any other career for himself.


He started working at the Herend Porcelain Manufactory in 1997. One of many gifted workers, he began on a motor-driven potter’s wheel and later continued in figurine throwing, where he was promoted to foreman.

He is particularly proud of attending the Manufactory’s new master training course.

He is a keen sports fan and is especially interested in Formula One racing. He likes to go fishing in his free time, an activity that has been his hobby for many years.

He lives in Herend, near his native town, with his daughter.

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