Herend Porcelain

Ferenc Véber

Ferenc Véber was born on 8th January 1971 in Veszprém.

After leaving school, he opted for a career in the art world and went on to study at the Mór Fischer Vocational School for Porcelain-making in Herend. He graduated in 1988 and has been working at the Herend Porcelain Manufactory since. He worked as a thrower until 2003, foreman for green ware production until 2006 and is currently foreman for glazing.

He is interested in everything that will make his work more special. He believes that “the end result of things is less interesting than the means that get you there, as it takes imagination to find the way.”

He has a number of experiments and developments to his name, including the unbolstered firing of two larger size Schrammel figures.

He likes to spend his leisure time going on day trips with his family and enjoys doing odd jobs around the house.

He lives in Herend as a happy family man with a wife and two school-age children.

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