Herend Porcelain

Gyula Tóth

Gyula Tóth was born on 2nd March 1963 in Sárvár.

He did his secondary education in a school specialising in drawing. Subsequently, he graduated as a skilled porcelain painter in Herend. Early on he worked in the flower painting section of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory, painting many different patterns. Between 1989-1999 he worked in the special works studio, where he was able to pick up the tricks of the trade from master painters.

In 1987 he was granted the right to sign his name on porcelain and in 1988 was honoured as an “Young Skilled Worker of Excellence”. The standard of excellence his work carries is reflected in the fact that his creations have been on show in both individual and group exhibitions.

In 2004 he won a competition to enter the Manufactory’s painter training workshop, where he works as a painting tutor to this day.

Outside of work he tries to spend all his free time with his family. In addition, his hobby is painting and drawing.

He lives in Herend with his wife and two children.

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