Herend Porcelain

Ildikó Fogl

Ildikó Fogl was born on 7th December 1969 in Zirc.

After leaving school, she worked as a bank accountant in Veszprém. The monotony of office work led her to quit, as she longed for challenges and, above all, work that hinged on a visual way of thinking. In 1989 she applied for a porcelain painter’s position at Herend and went on to become one of the Manufactory’s excellent workers.


In 1999 she enrolled in the Herend Fine Arts Studio to refine her artistic skills and her visual way of thinking. 

In the course of her work she has worked with others designing new motifs and reviving the already existing museum décors. Her works have been on public display in individual and in group exhibitions alike.

She likes watercolour and pastel techniques above all else. She is particularly interested in landscapes and still lifes, which seem to her the best means of expressing the world of thought.

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