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Judit Czuppon

Judit Czuppon was born on 4th April 1970.

After leaving school, she opted for a career at Herend. Following her successful vocational training, she graduated as a skilled porcelain thrower in 1987, a craft she practises to this very day.

She has always striven to contribute to the successful running of the Manufactory. Her commitment was awarded with the “Prize for Innovation” in 2005.

She is one of the participants of the Manufactory’s new programme of master training, something she is exceptionally proud of. In the course of her work she has represented the Herend Porcelain Manufactory at shows abroad, thus contributing to the Manufactory’s international prestige.

In her leisure time she loves to run and to play tennis. She is a keen hiker and an avid museum-goer. She takes interest in interior decoration and likes antiques, including furniture. The latter passion is probably rooted in her father being a cabinet maker.

She lives in Veszprém, not far from her workplace, together with her two children.

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