Herend Porcelain

László Horváth

1941 -

Herend Studio New Trends II.


A retired artist who continues to be an active designer and a member of the board of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory.

László Horváth was born in 1941 and has spent over 35 years in the Herend Porcelain Manufactory. He studied under the distinguished artist Imre Schrammel and has worked as a designer for the Herend Porcelain Manufactory since 1965. Until 1978, he dealt mainly with tableware design, but later branched out into porcelain sculpture and painting unique ornaments. His specialty is the lithophane technique, which he revived at Herend in 1965 and later developed for architectural purposes. This technique is based on the knowledge that porcelains of varying thickness have different degrees of translucency. Using this quality, quite fantastic, almost photograph-like representations are made possible. Together with other designers, he has been a member of the Herend Studio since its inception, a member of the Arts Foundation since 1965 and of the Hungarian Association of Fine and Applied Artists since 1974. In addition, he belongs to the Veszprém Artists'Guild and the TERRA Ceramists Group. Of Herend and his work there, he says: "I am here because this is what I know and love, the whimsical, enigmatic, beautiful material that is porcelain". 

The manufactory was a different place in those days. Everybody knew everybody else and paid more heed to one another. At night, the flames shot up several metres high from the chimneys of the wood-fired kilns. Thirty-five years of successes and failures, prizes, commendations and certificates. These were never very important to me, just a moment of gratification and confirmation of a job well done. The real point is to do my job as best I can, to make pieces that are a source of joy for me and for others alike.

His innovative designs have won him many prizes and, similarly to works by Ákos Tamás, his works can also be seen in Herend, for example on the façade of the manufactory or in the windows of the entrance hall. Yet another parallel with his artist colleague is the entrance hall of the Veszprém County Hospital in front of which stands another work of art designed by his fellow artist Ákos Tamás.

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