Herend Porcelain

Miklós Melocco

3rd April 1935 -

A man of vision.


Miklós Melocco's special visions appeared on Herend porcelain a few years ago.

Miklós Melocco was born in 1935, studied under János Kmetty and Pál Pátzay, and graduated from the Hungarian College of Applied Arts. Since 1990, he has been titular university professor of the Hungarian College of Applied Arts, since 1992 a member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts and since 1995 a member of the presidium.

He has designed things for Herend and, according to an interview he granted to Herend Herald, cherishes fond memories in connection with Herend. In his words:

"Manufactory, yes, it implies hand craftsmanship, that's the core. You must go there once. When I was there, I just gaped, because I'd never seen a workshop like that before. As clean as a chemist's shop and meticulously accurate work going on everywhere. It's a strange feeling going to Herend. It?s as if you weren't in Hungary, I must say with a kind of patriotic melancholy. You can see it has a future before it, not just a past and a great name. It's amazing what they can do! A few years ago, the Herend management decided it was time devise something new to go along with their well-known ornaments and little sculptures - the Hussar Examining His Sword, Mrs. Déry and so on. They invited a few of us to put forward ideas and designs. So we oafish sculptors went down to see what Herend was capable of producing. To see, in our conceited way, whether Herend could make what we thought up for them. Well, the visit reassured us, or rather, it gave us something else to worry about, because whatever we did, they were going to produce it. Well, sometimes constraints make ideas come more easily. For one thing it gives you plenty to complain about, and for another you know what you have to stick to. In this case, there weren't any constraints. You could do whatever you liked, and they'd make it for you. I designed a tea service and two table decorations and they accepted them. I have good memories of the work and a relationship to this day.

The Munkácsy and Kossuth Prize winner sculptor has more links with Herend than just fond memories, of course. Namely that Miklós Melocco, winner of the Hungarian Heritage Award, has designed works of art for the Herend Porcelain Manufactory, a Hungarian Heritage Award winner itself.

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