Herend Porcelain

Mrs József Sághegyi

Mrs József Sághegyi was born on 3rd November 1952 in Kislőd.

After leaving school, she enrolled in the Mór Fischer Vocational School for Porcelainmaking, from where she graduated with top marks as a skilled porcelain painter in 1970. Since then she has been working at the fruit painting department of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory, passing her master’s exam in 1987.

Her expertise won her a “Craft Award” in 2002. Thanks to her many years of experience and commitment to her work, she was appointed shop floor manager of the Flower I. and Fruit painting studio. 

In her professional life she plays an active role in product development and passes on her expertise to younger colleagues.

She is a keen hiker and spends her leisure time gardening and doing puzzles.

She and her family live in her native village of Kislőd.

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