Herend Porcelain

Mrs Sándor Lőrincze

Mrs Sándor Lőrincze was born in 1962 in Ajka.

All her life she has felt the pull of the art world, so after leaving school she decided to make the most of her talents in Herend. She graduated with flying colours as a skilled thrower in 1979. Starting in 1992, she became quality controller of production phase coordination and, on account of her talent, was subsequently appointed supervisor.

She has been assisting the instruction of thrower trainees for many years. She eases the way of fresh graduates into the production process and helps them for about a year to adapt to their work requirements.

Beyond this responsibility, she tutors newcomers on working methods as well. She is also in charge of the throwing demos held at the Mini Manufactory. 

She is certainly one who loves a challenge and new trials, which is why she has decided to participate in the Manufactory’s new master training course.

She lives in Úrkút with her family.

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