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Szabolcs Vajda

Born April 1, 1969, Miskolc.

After completing basic education he decided to pursue a career in the world of arts. He moved to Herend, where he finished training as a porcelain painter in 1986 in the top of his class. His major area of specialty is Far Eastern painting, although over the years he learned other techniques as well. Currently he works on Chinese painting.

Since the mid-1990s he has been active in designing new ornamentation, and he left his mark on numerous new patterns.

In addition to product development, he considers the huge vases and wall plates ordered by the Sultan of Oman and the painting of an oversized Parliament vase produced for the European Union among his major works.

He received a professional prize in 2006 and since 2007 he has pursued a Master’s degree at the Manufactory. 

In his leisure time he lives for his hobbies: cars, computers and travelling.

Currently he lives in Herend with his wife and daughter.

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