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Vince Stingl

23rd May 1796 - 1851

Founder of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory.

In the person of Vince Stingl we revere the founder of the Manufactory.

Documented research shows that Vince Stingl, who was born in Sopron, mastered the ins and outs of porcelain making in Vienna. From 1814 on he worked as a card and tableware painter in Pápa and five years later became technological manager of the earthenware factory of Tata.

Vince Stingl arrived in Herend in 1825. One may well ask why Stingl conducted his experiments in Herend. The answer is quite simple. This part of the Bakony Hills is rich in wood, which meant a steady supply of wood for stoking the kilns, while the watermills on the streams could function as paste mills. A region rich in traditional craftsmanship, including pottery, provided ample workforce, and the land rich in minerals (clay) allowed the manufacture of earthenware. All that had to be imported from lands afar was the raw material needed for manufacturing quality porcelain. Stingl's meagre capital was soon exhausted by his experiments of modest results.

The lack of capital, repeated loans, the high cost of transport and discontinued supplies resulted in constant problems. Beside the bishop of Veszprém and other private persons, in 1839 a new man emerged among his creditors: it was Mór Fischer, who was soon to become co-stockholder. Descended from a family of industrialists and tradesmen, Fischer had previously tried his hand at horse-trading, earthenware manufacturing and money-lending.

The relatively well-off entrepreneur with friends in high places took over the manufactory on 28th July 1840. Stingl stayed on at Herend no more than a year following his failures. First he moved to Pápa, where he buried his wife in 1841. In 1847, he was appointed caretaker of the earthenware factory in Városlőd of Count Domokos Zichy, bishop of Veszprém. Városlőd is a village next to Herend. After 1847 there was no mention ever of the name of Vince Stingl in the annals of Hungarian pottery, but Herend is proud of its heritage, traditions and artists, and will for ever remember its founder.

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