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Andrea Orbán

Andrea Orbán was born on 24th June 1970 in Zirc.

Her artistic talent was discovered at a very early age, so after leaving school she continued her studies as a porcelain painter trainee. She graduated as a skilled worker in 1987 and has been working at the figurine painting studio of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory since. In the course of her professional career she has had the opportunity to participate in instructing others and designing pieces. She has mainly been involved in the naturalistic portrayal of animal figures and designing fairy tale and Persian-Turkish figures.

Her talent and impeccable work as well as her commitment to the Manufactory were rewarded in 2006 with a “Craft Award”. This recognition is particularly dear to her heart because she was nominated by her fellow-workers.

She likes to spend her free time doing some gardening, sports or listening to music. She also enjoys travelling. For over a year now she has been an active member of a belly dance ensemble.

She lives in Herend.

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