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New Year greetings from the CEO

A CEO can be proud of having excellent colleagues who are continuously able to give answers in their fields to the challenges of our troubled ages.

Dear Reader,Dr. Simon Attila

I respectfully greet you in the New Year!

A CEO can be proud of having excellent colleagues who are continuously able to give answers in their fields to the challenges of our troubled ages. The manifestations of our creative force are our business results, the recognitions we received, our innovation achievements, and our numerous art exhibitions. All these and the recognitions received from our customers prove the power of the Herend Community and of its creative members.

I believe that the talent connecting past and future in the present determines if a company fails or prospers. I have a sincere heart to say that our colleagues are able to form the future of the Manufactory.

When we review our results of the past year, we start from our economic, social and cultural engagement.

We can state that we did a rich, value-creating and successful work!

Regarding the dominant pillar of our operation, the successful operation as business community, we can state that the Herend Porcelain Manufactory was profitable again in 2015. Our sales revenue exceeded both the objectives of the business plan and the sales level of the year before, our efficiency has improved, we have made remarkable investments, the economic and financial operation of the Manufactory was stable, the company did not need external financing, thus it was able to finance its operation and investments from its own resources.

Herend Porcelain Manufactory is also a social community based on the pillar of solidarity. Comparing to the previous years, we were able to step forward last year in this field as well. We performed a wage increase above the national average, the benefits per head increased so we achieved the objectives of our social plan. We were able to provide our employees, our suppliers and through them their families with income and existence in 2015 as well.

Besides being a business and social community, our company is also a cultural community that plays a major role in building a positive country image, at the same time a Hungaricum.

We, the people of Herend are committed to preserve Hungarian and European values, in particular porcelain art values, and pass them on to younger generations.

Last year we had several cultural exhibitions: beside the permanent exhibition we organized four temporary exhibitions at the Herend Porcelain Museum and eight more Herend Porcelain exhibitions in Hungary. We had two art exhibitions outside Hungary, in Subotica and in Cluj-Napoca. In 2015, we gave a public space porcelain statue to another Hungarian village.

We could achieve our good results with persistent and diligent work! Although we did not need, last year we also had to face the challenges of the economic environment. Now looking back, we have to recognize that these challenges gave us opportunities to strengthen our faith in the Herend Community and to become even stronger.

We have everything to expect this year with optimism.

Since we have:

  • innovation, product development creativity and style-creating work based on Herend traditions
  • continuous renewing ability
  • openness to the world and to novelties
  • a worldwide-known and renowned brand
  • love and respect for porcelain
  • porcelain-making and other craftsmanship
  • motivation and loyalty for the company
  • ideas and faith
  • calmness
  • will for problem-solving
  • material resources

and colleagues who want to work for the Manufactory.

It is not a question that Herend lived, lives and will live forever. This is symbolically illustrated by a street sign placed in our entrance hall. The starting number is our foundation year (1826), which is followed by an arrow showing to infinity as we are convinced that Herend has an endless future. And we, the people of today just do our work and based on our talent we carry the everyday life of the Manufactory showing to future. The Herend brand embodies excellent quality, timeless value, and unique artisan luxury porcelain bearing elegance, delicacy and artistry.

I would like to thank all of our customers, trade and other cooperating partners, suppliers and service providers for helping our work with their expertise and for trusting us; we will keep on offering them our partnership, help and respect!

Finally, I would like to wish you in the name of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory’s creative community all the best, strength, health, happiness and success for 2016!

Respectful greetings from Herend in January 2016,

Dr Attila Simon


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