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New Year Greetings from the CEO

Dear Reader,

I respectfully greet you in the first days of the New Year.

The holidays do not mean that everyday workdays no longer exist, but it means that with the glory of holiday vibes they can be overcome. During holidays our beloved ones and the humans are in focus. Our mind rises into higher level and we fall out of the everyday routine, we could look back to our last year and our lives, like we stare the valley from the top of the mountain. During holidays we are thinking, such as the water bed is cut in the rock, we draw our path.

Again one year has passed, and the new one is ahead of us! We are reporting and we are planning!


Successful and profitable year is behind of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory. Our high value, artistic porcelains are present in more than fifty countries, there is no inhabited continent, where Herend is not present. 

We cared, maintained and transmitted our values ??for future generations. We could take care of our cultural mission and we could convey solidarity to the world, to the country where we live and work, so as to the local community.

We believe and act that the strong needs to support and help the weak! Last year the company could be economical, cultural and social community, one at a time!

We had many art exhibitions last year, in addition to our permanent porcelain exhibition we organized three temporary exhibitions at the Herend Porcelain Museum. We organized four additional art exhibitions in Hungary: Abony, Nyíregyháza, Pécs and Székesfehérvár. 

Outside of Hungary, a country's image-building art exhibition opened in Chisinau, in Kosice, in Bad Ischl, Szekelyudvarhely and Zagreb. In two years, six Japanese cities visited Herend porcelain art exhibition opened in April 2016, in Fukuyama city, and this exhibition series will close the year 2018 in Tokyo.

Gratifying feeling is the love that we have received from our guests who visit the exhibitions. Wherever exhibitions we went with our porcelains nationally and internationally, visitors always insisted that the Herend porcelain is the world's most beautiful handmade porcelain.  Porcelain, not only for everyday use, but also a work of art in which the four elements, namely, water, fire, air and land the whole world is included.

We have continued to processing the history of our factory, last year we tribute the work of Gyula Gulden in Herend between 1926-48, by issuing a book about his life.

We also continued to tribute impressive communities. In 2016, honour of Ignac Semmelweis "savior of mothers" we donated a portrait statue to Heart Hospital Balatonfüred.

Our custom is to provide symbolic gifts to the Hungarian Nation on illustrious anniversaries. Therefore on the 19oth anniversary of Herend Porcelain Manufactory, we have displayed a unique decor vase at the Budapest Academy of Music.

All the results are reached together with the Herend Community
Results are reached together, we the Herend Community reached.

...And we plan to!

Just be sure you can build only on solid stilts, and plan for bright and clear visions. The future is not an extension of the past, we have to work on our future!

In our vision Herend Porcelain Manufactory remains a culture and value creation community with a mission to preserve and transmit the century long values, where the beauty, uniqueness and high quality are part of the everyday life  in which the road is clearly designated for the Herend Community: namely, to preserve the manufactory values ??and decency, pay attention to the traditions, always choose handcrafted porcelain techniques, innovate continuously, make the innovative thinking to part of everyday life, walking ahead of others in style creation to surprise the world, and with the smooth operation ensure the Herend Community livelihood and development!

Our aim is to operate profitably in 2017 as well and to remain Herend Porcelain Manufactory the world's largest porcelain manufactory. Our goal is quality work, to serve our customers and partners at the highest level, with innovative product development, act upon this era. We will continue our cultural and social engagement, and people who are interested about porcelain will meet numerous Herend exhibitions. We believe also that in the spirit of solidarity we are responsible towards each colleague.

This year as well, will be present at the Herend Community, the skill to serve the Manufactory. We are ready for the economic environment challenges, we recognize our tasks, the will be present to serve the tasks successfully, and we do not forget the will to make good.


Thank you for this year to all of our customers, commercial and other cooperating partners, our suppliers, our service providers that with their expertise supported us, with their trust, honoured us, we will continue to offer them our partnership, our help and our respect!

Finally, allow me to wish you dear reader in name of my executive colleagues and community of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory all the best, strength, health, happiness, optimism, patience, successes and tiny miracles in 2017 as well!

Respectful greetings from Herend in January 2017,
Dr Attila Simon

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