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Pálma Babos

1961 -

Creator of a modern pattern.


The creator of the modern yet traditional Babos pattern was born in 1961 in the town of Nagykanizsa. 

She graduated from the College of Applied Arts in 1985. She studied under Imre Schrammel, artistic director of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory for years. She joined the Studio of Young Artists and the Association of Hungarian Artists the same year. She has worked with the Forma Group since 1993 and spent a few years as a designer at the Herend Porcelain Manufactory following 1996. Those years proved to be beneficial for both parties: she as an artist was able to design items for the biggest porcelain manufactory, bringing her dreams to life on porcelain décors.

She first encountered porcelain as a material and as a means of expression when she was an undergraduate. She immediately took to it. This material demands respect, discipline and quality, she advocates, and Herend, totally committed to quality, granted a superb opportunity to test this.

The process of creating a certain object is like writing a sonnet with its strict rules and limitations. In her works functional porcelain and figurines are well separated.

As regards the former, she is particularly intrigued by the transformation and metamorphosis of consumer articles elicited by the dictates of the changing times. She is opposed to fashionable industrial consumer goods that flood the world and strives to create real value in her work. Yet another parallel with Herend.

Her patterns of stylized natural motifs tend to be eccentric and modern, yet carry on the ancient traditions of manufactured porcelain. Her magic lies precisely in this duality.

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