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Sándor Vida

He was born on 1st April 1963 in Pápa.

He went to Herend in 1986, where he graduated with top grades as a porcelain painter from the Manufactory’s own vocational school in 1988. Thereon he worked in the fruit-painting department of the Manufactory. Starting from 1996 he has been invited several times to hold demo painting sessions and visited Japan on a study tour, where he successfully debuted as a painting instructor. Since 1997 he has been working as a master painter in the special orders workshop. His work and overall achievement earned him a Prize for Professionalism in 2002.

Principal milestones in his career:

  • 1997 bird of paradise vases
  • 2000 paints porcelain replica of the Holy Crown of Hungary
  • 2001 paints reproduction of Manet’s The Boy with the Cherries
  • 2002 paints commemorative vase for the German parliament
  • 2005 vase for the UN in New York

He lives in Pápa with his wife and two daughters. In his leisure time he develops his visual skills and learns different painting methods and styles under the guidance of a master teacher in the Herend Arts Workshop. His hobbies include horse-riding, hiking and hunting.

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