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Szilvia Gáspár Vajda

Szilvia Gáspár Vajda was born on 7th August 1969 in Veszprém.

When it came to choosing a career, she felt the pull of the arts in the hope of facing professional challenges and winning due recognition. She studied at Herend and graduated in 1988 as a skilled painter. In the course of her studies she learnt all the techniques of painting porcelain.


She loves her work and considers her most special items the various SP décors and the platters and vases she has made for the Sultan of Oman. She is also very proud of making newly developed products.

Her talent and attitude to work won her a “Craft Award” in 2007.

Her favourite theme is the English countryside and the Victorian style. She loves antiques and spends her free time reading, broadening her knowledge. 

She lives in Herend with her husband and daughter.

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