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Tamás Pék

Tamás Pék was born on 13th June 1973 in Ajka.

After leaving school, he went on to study at the Mór Fischer Vocational School for Porcelain-making in Herend, from where he graduated with top marks in 1990 as an “Excellent Student of the Craft”. He became familiar with practically all the techniques used in porcelain painting and even tried his hand at designing when it came to presenting his examination piece. Since he graduated as a skilled worker he has been working at the fruit painting section of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory, where he paints various décors with the palette-painting method.

He has worked as a tutor since 2004 and in 2007 enrolled in the Manufactory’s new master training course. His most outstanding works include ornaments for the palace of the Sultan of Oman and for the European Union, as well as painting different plaques with bird and fish landscapes. He is particularly proud to be involved in the Manufactory’s product development scheme.

He is a keen sportsman who goes in for body building, cycling and hiking. He likes to spend his leisure time travelling, getting to know other cultures and reading.

He lives in his native town of Ajka with his wife and daughter.

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