Herend Porcelain


Special Blue Ribbon with special Herend Trophies

In the Land of Unicorns in Noszvaj

Rebirth at the Herend Porcelain Museum

In the Land of Unicorns

Blue Ribbon sailing regatta again with Herend porcelain trophies

Museum 4.0

Herend Porcelain Museum - 4.0.

A monumental new Herend masterpiece

Renewed Herend porcelain brand shop in the heart of the Buda Castle

International recognition awarded to Ákos Tamás, designer and artist of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory

And the winner is…

Live from Frankfurt

Frankfurt 2020

In Herend’s embrace in Győr

In Herend’s Embrace

New Year greetings from the CEO

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