Herend Virtual Tour


Special thematic Herend porcelain exhibition at the Grassalkovich Castle in Hatvan

Herend porcelain at the exhibition “Design Shanghai”

Translucent Delicacy

The Harmony of Nature

Full house events at the Night of Works of Art

In the Service of an Erratic Material

Translucent Delicacy

In the Service of an Erratic Material: the Creative Energy of Herend’s Contemporary Artists

Birth of a monumental phoenix bird

Reopening of the Porcelanium Visitor Centre

Opening of a new Herend porcelain store in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Herend Porcelain Has a New Shop in Abu Dhabi

Herend porcelain on the Eiffel Art Studios

Jubilee Bálint Balassi Memorial Sword Award Ceremony

New Year greetings from the CEO

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