Herend Porcelain

Hamilton’s another stunning Herend Trophy

Lewis Hamilton won for the seventh time in his career at Hungaroring after overtaking Max Verstappen four laps before the end, to be awarded once again with the coveted Herend Trophy.

Lewis Hamilton, with his enormous speed and the strategic genius of Mercedes, defeated the long-leading Max Verstappen at the Hungarian Grand Prix trying to argue for himself in the press debate about who is better. The Dutchman starting from the pole position kept his opponent behind while they were on the same tactic, but by the end his tires ran out and he was inevitably overtaken by Hamilton on new tires in the 67th lap.
He was once again enriched with the Herend Trophy, as this year the Herend Porcelain Manufactory was again the official prize supplier of the race.
Winners of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Budapest lifted a Hungaricum for the 13th time. This magic number, if possible, meant this year an even more special Trophy.
The vases for the best three are neoclassical in style and follow the shape of ancient vases. They feature a silhouette of the Hungaroring, surrounded by an innovative version of the trendy platinum-turquoise coloured ancient Chinese decoration. The modern design and trendy colours of the ZOVA decor combined with platinum make the Trophies truly unique.
In the case of the constructors’ ornamental bowl, this artistry is further enhanced by the professional knowledge of porcelain makers, as the pierced edge of the bowl requires the best of their knowledge. The pierced parts are cut in the raw condition of porcelain with a sharp, double-edged knife, and then the pieces are covered with snow-white glaze followed by rich gilding.
This magnificent, exclusive Herend Trophy was raised (and not only raised! :-) ) by Hamilton this year!

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